#18: United in Diversity: The Story of Iraq’s Christian Communities

NYou may have seen it on your social media feed. These days it seems to be appearing everywhere. The Arabic ن (“noon”) symbol has been used by the Islamic State to mark Christian homes and businesses. Now Christians and their supporters, as well as advocates for religious freedom around the world are turning the tables and using it as a symbol of solidarity. Tune in to this episode to hear from Nuri Kino, Juliana Taimoorazy, and Jeff Gardner and learn more about how a global movement is coming together to defend Iraq’s minorities and preserve its rich heritage and cultural diversity.

To read the recommendations made by Refugees International’s Daryl Grisgraber and Michel Gabaudan, check out their report on the upcoming winter.

Click here to listen to our exclusive extended interview with journalist and activist Nuri Kino.

Learn more about the amazing organizations discussed on our program:


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