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Donors like you enable us to have a deep impact on the lives of Iraqis. Through your generosity, we are empowering Iraqi change-makers working to build a safe and prosperous country.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, EPIC can receive your investment in a variety of ways. We can designate your gift to a particular program, or honor the memory of a loved one. Please contact Erik Gustafson: ekg [at] (202) 747-6454.

epic has been supporting iraqis since the 90's. two and a half decades have given us the relationships and know-how to do this work well. your investment in us is an investment in them. we invite you to be part of this mission.

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gifts of cash

EPIC is always grateful to receive cash donations at any time of year. You can make your contribution by:

Sending a check or money order to: Enabling Peace in Iraq Center, 1140 Third Street NE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20002

Giving by debit or credit card directly on our secure website:

become a sustaining donor

You can help keep EPIC strong throughout the year by becoming a recurring donor. Establish automatic payments with your credit or debit card.

appreciated securities

Often the most economical way to give is through the donation of appreciated securities — stocks, bonds, and mutual funds held by you for more than one year. Gifts of appreciated securities often allow a donor to receive an income tax deduction for charitable giving, and often have the added benefit of relieving donors of having to claim capital gains. Donors who wish to donate appreciated securities should consult a tax professional for the most up-to-date information.

real estate

EPIC is pleased to receive gifts of real estate and will work with donors and their advisors on how to best make the transaction. If you are considering a gift of real estate, please contact Erik Gustafson, EPIC’s Executive Director at any time: ekg [ at]


Perpetuate your commitment to empowering youth for peace in Iraq by including EPIC in your estate planning. Any gift, however large or small, helps to express your values and advances our mission. For more information on including EPIC in your estate plans or life insurance policy, or to inform us that EPIC is already mentioned in your will, please contact Erik Gustafson, EPIC’s Executive Director at any time: ekg [at]