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What We Do

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EPIC’s ultimate vision is a safe, just and prosperous Iraq in which all citizens live in freedom from want, freedom from fear, and freedom to live with dignity. To pursue this goal, we implement programs in Iraq, conduct ground-level research, and advocate with U.S. and other policy-makers. 

we provide three services:

Decades of war have been devastating to communities across Iraq, both physically and mentally. We support Iraqi civil society leaders working for peace, human rights, and a sustainable future.

A successful pilot project in Sinjar in 2021 helped community leaders practice using social media for peacebuilding. We are now expanding this program to more conflict-affected regions in northern Iraq.

This summer we’re running a new project to equip citizens in the Ninewa region with skills in policy advocacy.  

See more of EPIC’s past projects in Iraq.

Our flagship publication is the weekly Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM). It’s a must-have resource for citizens and professionals who want to know what’s happening. 

We also publish special reports, such as our ground-breaking Tishreen Report offering a street-level view of Iraq’s popular movement for reform. 

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We have been a steadfast voice in Washington, DC and U.N. agencies for more than two decades. We bring the voices of Iraqi civil society into the policy-making process.

To push for policies that support the needs of ordinary Iraqis, we provide hard-to-get information such as our Tishreen report, voter survey, and new climate change briefing paper. 

This fall, 2022, we will launch a new campaign focused on the problem of impunity in Iraq. Be the first to get updates and be part of this effort. We can’t advocate without you.

We focus on three issues:

We are helping Iraqis strengthen skills in communication and change strategy to rebuild trust in their communities.

Peace & recovery

We are conducting research that gives citizens a foundation of evidence to push for change.

Governance & Human Rights

We are supporting Iraqis tackling the human costs of climate change like displacement, unemployment and disease.

Climate action & conservation

latest news from iraq

ISHM: May 25 – June 1, 2023

Key Takeaways: Draft Budget Changes Raise Strong KRG Objections; Iraq’s Top Court Says Extending The Kurdistan Parliament’s Term Was Unconstitutional – On May 25, the parliamentary finance committee made several last minute amendments to the 2023-2025 federal budget bill. The changes, which require the KRG to compensate public servants for withholdings made during the region’s economic crisis that began in 2015, raised strong objections from the KRG. Regional PM Masrour Barzani accused the finance committee of trying to derail existing agreements with PM Sudani Sudani, which he said were “the foundation” of cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil. Barzani argued that the withholdings should be repaid by the federal government since they were the result of Baghdad’s decision to cut the KRG budget. The finance committee’s changes seem to have the support of the PUK. On May 30, Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court ruled that a vote by the Kurdistan region’s parliament

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read the tishreen report

The Long Game: Iraq’s Tishreen Movement and the Struggle for Reform

The report presents a year of research that includes focus groups with Tishreen and Kurdish activists, a national public opinion survey, social media analysis, and dozens of in-depth interviews.



Help further our research and programming to enable peace, rights and climate action in Iraq.