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Press Releases:

Iraqi American Lawyer Brings New Perspective to EPIC’s Leadership and 20-year Mission – 4/30/2019

EPIC Receives USAID Award to Aid Displaced Families in Iraq – 10/1/2018

Statement on Revised Executive Order – 3/7/2017

Statement on Executive Order “Protecting the Nation…” – 2/1/2017

EPIC Hosts Event with Former Ambassador – 11/11/2016

Campaign Kicks Off to Support Those in Iraq Affected by ISIS – 4/12/2016

Thousands More Allegedly Affected by ISIS’s Chemical Attacks on Taza – 3/24/2016

Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Discusses Reform and the Future of Iraq – 3/09/2016

Delayed Aid Distribution Finally Reaches Iraqis in Need: 250 Families and Children Receive Assistance from American Donors and Partners in Iraq – 3/07/2016

EPIC in the Media

Religion, Secularism, and Power Sharing…How Do Iraqi Youth View Their State? – Al-Hurra – 11/2/2022

Iraqi reform unlikely under new president and PM nominee, experts say – The National – 10/14/2022

Who is Iraq’s Moqtada Al Sadr? The cleric who took Baghdad to the brink of war – The National – 8/31/2022

Iraq oil revenue set for record $9bn a month, but will people benefit? – The National – 2/8/2022

Political deadlock and government formation – Dijla TV – 2/8/2022

After assassination attempt, what next for Iraq? – DW – 11/9/2021

While Iraq’s next government may be “business as usual,” the election has planted the seeds for change – Middle East Institute – 11/1/2021

Special Briefing: A reshaping of the Iraqi political scene, despite low turnout – Middle East Institute – 10/12/2021

Elections in the time of Tishreen – Iraqi Voices Podcast – 10/9/2021

Elections in Iraq – Al-Sharqiyah News, 10/4/2021

Public opinion trends in Iraq ahead of the October election – Dijla TV – 8/21/2021

Polls Give Iraq’s Reformers the Advantage, the Vote May Be Theirs to Lose – Fikra Forum – 8/20/2021

Roundtable on the State Department’s 2020 Country Report on Iraq – “In Iraqi” on Alhurra – 4/1/2021  

Iraqi protesters’ perilous journey to the ballot box – by Erik Gustafson and Omar Al-Nidawi – Middle East Institute – 3/22/2021

The systemic attacks on freedom of expression in Iraq – “In Iraqi” on Alhurra – 3/11/2021

Why likening the Capitol to a war zone could further damage America’s reputation – PBS NewsHour – 1/19/2021

The outlook for Iraq in 2021 – Alhurra – 1/1/2021

Closing the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Would Harm Iraq, Benefit Iran – Alhurra – 10/1/2020

Will young protesters be the dark horses in Iraq’s next election? by Omar Al-Nidawi – Middle East Monitor – 9/3/2020

US Sanctions on Iraq: Credible Threat or Transparent Bluff? by Omar Al-Nidawi – Inside Arabia – 2/3/2020

The real cost of US-Iran escalation in Iraq by Omar Al-Nidawi – Middle East Institute – 1/27/2020

Peace & Justice Report – 96.5 WSLR – 1/22/2020

Why Trump’s sanctions threat revives painful memories for Iraqis – PBS NewsHour – 1/9/2020

Energy, Water, and Climate Change – The Middle East Institute’s 2019 Iraq Conference (panel discussion) – 10/15/2019

Checking Iranian Power in Iraq – War on the Rocks – 10/3/2019

Opinions on Iraqi Federalism: Structural Construction & Resource Sharing – Iraq Energy Institute – 07/15/2019

Among Displaced Iraqis, One Group Is Worse Off Than the Rest – Foreign Policy – 04/29/2019

Implications of Iraq’s National Elections – CGTN America – 05/16/2018

Rising from the Rubble: ‘If We Don’t Rebuild Mosul, Maybe ISIS Will Come Back’ – The Guardian – 03/26/2018

Funding Drive for Iraq Falls Short of What’s Needed for Reconstruction – CGTN America – 02/14/2018

As the War Winds Down, What Next for Iraq? – Middle East Insights (citation) – 09/26/2017

Too Much Too Soon: Displaced Iraqis and the Push to Return Home – Refugees International (citation) – 09/25/2017

Iraq Must Now Rebuild Itself – The Conversation (citation) – 07/31/2017

Mosul Declared Liberated From Islamic State – BBC World Service – 07/11/2017

Impact: Mosul After Liberation – BBC World News – 06/30/2017

Challenges to Peace in Post-ISIS Iraq – IPI Global Observatory – 06/29/2017

How Corruption Impedes Reconstruction in Iraq After ISIS – CDA Perspectives – 06/08/2017

Rivalries Threaten in Post-ISIS Mosul – Le Monde Diplomatique – 05/05/2017

Digital Distractions: Analysis of Iraqi PMUs’ English Media Campaign – International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – 05/04/2017

Iraq Asks US for Post-War Reconstruction Funds – Rudaw – 04/22/2017

Donald Trump’s War in the Middle East – The Heat – 04/11/2017

Iraqi Residents Worry About Rebuilding after ISIS is Gone – USA Today – 04/09/2017

Obama’s Legacy in Iraq – The Hill – 01/20/2017

Beyond a Military Victory: Reconstructing Iraq After ISIS – IPI Global Observatory – 01/17/2017

The Top Four Things Trump Needs to Know About Iraq – The Hill – 01/12/2017

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