#22: Giving Voice to the Street Kids and Orphans of Iraq


Jonathan Webb of the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) in Baghdad (July 2015)

For years, we have been singing the praises of the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF), and we finally have an opportunity to share their inspiring story with you.

Just days after ICF’s most recent mission to Baghdad, IRAQ MATTERS sits down with ICF co-founder Jonathan Webb. After serving four years in Iraq and seeing the war up-close and personal, Jonathan returned with a very different vision for Iraq. In 2008, he co-founded ICF to mobilize a life-changing “Surge of Love” for millions of children traumatized by violence in Iraq.

Jonathan shares the story of ICF’s success with orphans and other vulnerable children living on the streets of war-torn Iraq, and what he’s learned from partnering with some of Iraq’s most extraordinary civil society leaders like Mr. Firas of the Baghdad Street Children Center and Hala al-Saraf of the Iraqi Health Aid Organization. Also included, an Iraq update from our research team with the Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM).

Time index:

00:15 – Brief introduction with Erik Gustafson

02:10 – Iraq update with John Chisholm and Tarai Zemba (recorded on 08/24/2015)

05:04 – Erik’s interview with Jonathan Webb

53:27 – Conclusion

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