Month: October 2017

ISHM: October 20 – 26, 2017

This week's headlines: Allegations and Rhetoric Confuse Situation as ISF Take Over Disputed Territories ▪ Reports of Casualties and Looting Amid ISF, Peshmerga Clashes ▪ Kurdish Elections ‘Suspended’ for Eight Months; Referendum Results ‘Frozen’ ▪ Abadi Dismisses Tillerson Comments on PMUs, Seeks Regional Cooperation ▪ ISF “Coming to Liberate You” in Anbar ▪ Lack of Planning in Mosul Causing “Chaos” as Funding Urgently Needed

ISHM: October 13 – 19, 2017

This week's headlines: Iraqi Security Forces, PMUs Move Quickly Into Disputed Territories ▪ Political Fallout Over Referendum Continues: Barzani Loses Leverage, Kirkuk Governor Ousted, Kurdish Elections Postponed ▪ Thousands of IDPs Move Through Disputed Territories Amid Unreliable Reporting ▪ U.S. Colonel Says There is “Work to Be Done” After ISIS is Cleared ▪ Extreme Hardship Remains in Western Mosul

A Truly EPIC Happy Hour!

On Thursday, November 16, join EPIC staff, Board Members, and our Host Committee at A Truly EPIC Happy Hour in support of Iraq’s future. All proceeds go to further EPIC’s mission of humanitarian action for peace. Meet new friends interested in making Iraq safe and prosperous again and reconnect with… Read more

ISHM: October 6 – 12, 2017

This week's headlines: Hawija Declared Cleared of ISIS as Most Militants Surrender to Peshmerga ▪ Dialogue Pushed as Next Steps in Easing Erbil-Baghdad Tensions ▪ Iran, Turkey Unite in Disdain for Kurdish Independence ▪ Diyala Security Situation Remains Tenuous as Focus Shifts ▪ Schools Reopen in Mosul; HRW Condemns Forced Detentions

ISHM: September 29 – October 5, 2017

This week's headlines: Referendum Tensions Relax, For Now, Aided By Calls from Sistani ▪ Iraqi Security Forces, Peshmerga Continue Cooperation Toward Hawija ▪ Revered Former President Jalal Talabani Dies at 84 ▪ Despite Saber Rattling, Iran and Turkey Await Next Steps for the KRI ▪ New Reports Released on Toll of Operations in Mosul ▪ Airstrikes Continue Over Anbar