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Key Takeaways: Kadhimi Visits Tehran; PMF Reinstate 30,000 Discharged Fighters; Iraq Seeks Help In Recovering Billions In Stolen Funds; IHEC Cracks Down On Voter Card Trade – On September 12, PM Kadhimi arrived in Tehran and co-chaired a meeting with Iran’s Ibrahim Raisi to discuss expanding commerce, Iraq’s water rights to shared rivers, and navigation in the Shatt al-Arab waterway. Kadhimi also agreed to allow Iranian visitors traveling by air to enter Iraq without a visa. On September 12, a senior military official said that the commander in chief issued orders to arrest a number of officers for appearing with parliamentary candidates during their election campaigns. On September 13, the PMF commission said the Finance Ministry agreed to reinstate 30,000 discharged PMF fighters. On September 15, PM Kadhimi urged Iraq’s friends and allies to support Baghdad’s effort to recover billions of dollars in stolen and smuggled funds, stressing that “there

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Our Appeal for a Brighter, Safer New Year

As the New Year begins, we have a special opportunity to double our impact for lasting peace in Iraq. Two generous EPIC supporters have agreed to match all gifts up to $15,000! With this opportunity, you can help make 2x the impact in 2021. In Sinjar, we are empowering community-based activists to use creative story-telling and change strategies to address critical issues in their communities. After a series of workshops along with ongoing mentoring by our team, the activists are

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Polls Give Iraq’s Reformers the Advantage, the Vote May Be Theirs to Lose

Originally published by Fikra Forum – August 20, 2021 This October will mark the two-year anniversary of Iraq’s Tishreen protest movement that shook the country’s political establishment, bringing down the government of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and compelling Baghdad to schedule early parliamentary elections. October is also when those elections are currently set to take place. The movement and its supporters are demanding systemic reforms to address state-sanctioned corruption, rising unemployment—particularly among the country’s youth majority—and a continuing lack of

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#38: Social Media and Iraq’s Protest Movement

The nonviolent struggle for democratic reforms in Iraq is now well into its fifth month of sustained protests against the government. We talk with Hayder Hamzoz, founder of INSM (Iraqi Network for Social Media), a network of Iraqi bloggers and citizens journalists. Hayder shares his perspective on how the protests work and the critical role that social media activists are playing on both the physical and digital front lines of Iraq’s protest movement.

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A fundraising effort to provide aid for hospitals fighting the spread of COVID-19 in Mosul, Iraq. 

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