Why do I care so much about Iraq?

My friends and colleagues have asked me over the years: Why do I care so much about Iraq? Twenty-five years ago, I toured newly liberated Kuwait and witnessed first hand the environmental devastation and human costs of modern warfare. That experience kindled a life-long passion for preventing and mitigating armed conflict, and more importantly, working to ensure that conflict-affected populations are never forgotten.

As a veteran and the founding director of EPIC, our current CrowdRise campaign is one of the most important campaigns that I have ever been a part of. Its success will further Soccer Salam, a program I believe in because it supports families harmed by ISIS, and celebrates Iraq’s cultural diversity through the unifying power of soccer.

If you have not seen our video on Soccer Salam’s impact, take a look:

Soccer Salam Video

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in 30 days so that we cansupport more than 1,000 families in Iraq. We can do this, but only with the help of donors like you. If you have not already done so…

Please contribute any amount – today.

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