Education is key to providing vulnerable children with the tools they need to grow, develop, and give back to their communities.

Led by Iraq war veteran Zack Bazzi, EPIC launched TentEd in April 2014 as a rapid impact project to support the education of refugee and displaced children in Iraq.

In July 2016, TentEd became its own non-profit organization! Visit TentEd’s website for more information.

With funds from individual donors, some of TentEd’s work includes…

In June 2014 TentEd funded:
  • a school library with Arabic language books
  • classroom essentials for a refugee school in Domiz, the largest camp in KRI
  • 3 months of bus transportation for children who couldn’t afford it
  • school uniforms for 200 girls and boys
  • the distribution of two hundred school stationary kits
In December 2014 TentEd funded:
  • a library in Mar Elia Church in Erbil, where nearly 200 child refugees who live in the church courtyard, have a place to read and learn in a safe, constructive environment
  • one month of transportation for 260 students at Kobani Elementary School
  • one-month salary for 24 teachers who have not been paid in months
  • winter jackets for 51 children
  • a faculty computer and printer so teachers don’t have to take their administrative work home or rely on borrowed computers
In June 2015 TentEd funded:
  • transportation and classroom supplies for children enrolled in programs supported by IVY, a Japanese NGO
  • equipment for an informal summer education program with an Italian NGO near Basirma, and another with the Danish Refugee Council at Kawergosk Refugee Camp
  • two cinema trips for nearly 200 children
Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraqi Kurdistan


Visit TentEd’s website to make a contribution!