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Soccer Salam

Soccer Salam delivers humanitarian aid and the joy of play to places that need it most.

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More than 1,000 displaced families and children in Iraq are counting on our Soccer Salam program to deliver food, clean water, medicine, and other essentials.

Amid relentless violence at the hands of ISIS, nearly two million children in Iraq are displaced from their homes. Fighting across the country has forced families to flee their communities, their livelihoods, and all they have ever known in search of safety.

To meet the needs of these families, American military veterans and Iraqis have come together to form Soccer Salam. This unique program delivers humanitarian assistance and the joy of play to Iraq’s most vulnerable communities. Alongside distributions of food, clean water, medicine, winter blankets, and other essentials, we deliver toys and soccer balls for boys and girls. We get to know the individuals we serve, one-on-one, so we can share their stories here at home.

“We want to live like you in our homes and with our family…and play without fear of bombs and bullets.” – Sabreen (9 years old)

Like so many children in Iraq, when ISIS seized control of Sabreen’s hometown last May, she and her family had no choice but to flee. Today, they are waiting in a make-shift camp with little access to basic necessities. Our dream is for Sabreen and children like her to have better access to life essentials while also having the chance to play and heal from the traumas of war.

Since 2015, Soccer Salam has helped over 2,500 families across Baghdad and central Iraq, including those in remote areas previously unreached by other aid agencies.

But there are thousands of others who still need our support. Soccer Salam depends on the generosity of donors like you. Please join us!

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