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People of Sinjar are creative determined powerful

Devastated by genocide in 2014, the people of Sinjar remain deeply wounded. Unspeakable traumas have fractured social ties. People cope with unspoken pain in different ways.

Still, Sinjaris hold onto hope, and put hope into action. Local organizations and determined individuals are rebuilding a school and a library, making people with disabilities more visible, processing trauma, and much more.

EPIC offered training and mentoring on peacebuilding through digital media for seven nonprofit leaders, funded by USAID and IOM. Each participant designed and implemented a change initiative using techniques they learned.

See their stories

Watch the I Love Sinjar YouTube channel to see all the videos created by Sinjaris.

Training manual

EPIC’s manual helps users design a social change strategy, produce and publish videos, and grow your audience online.

We are working to make Arabic and Kurdish versions available later this year.

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