Safe Return






Safe Return

While the crimes of ISIS affected many parts of Iraq and Syria since early 2014, there are few places where the suffering was longer or more severe than in Iraq’s Ninewa province.

With ISIS’s genocide against Iraq’s Yazidi community and other atrocities, many internally displaced persons (IDPs) hesitate to return home because of distrust and fear of further violence. The presence of militias, explosive remnants of war (ERW), destroyed homes, lack of basic services, and other factors have also discouraged returns.

In October 2018, EPIC joined a USAID-funded consortium of organizations led by Heartland Alliance International (HAI) to design and carry out “Safe Return”, an innovative 30-month pilot project to support the safe and voluntary return of IDPs who have survived severe human rights abuses to their homes in Ninewa.

To enhance public and stakeholder understanding of the obstacles preventing the return of these IDPs, EPIC created the Ninewa-Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (Ninewa-ISHM), an innovative monthly report that documents security incidents, human rights violations, and other developments in Ninewa to inform IDPs and returnees. Working with young people from Ninewa’s diverse ethnic and religious communities, EPIC will also perform weekly mapping security incidents and threats and work with consortium partners to identify and undertake actions to address security issues with local authorities, civil society organizations, and legal entities.

Through our partnerships and strengthened presence on-the-ground in Iraq, we look forward to learning more about the challenges facing Iraq and identifying needs and gaps where our research, monitoring, field work, and advocacy can make a difference.

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