Restoring Ninewa







I ❤ Sinjar

To help restore Ninewa, EPIC is working in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to strengthen the role of civil society in promoting public dialogue on critical issues related to the stabilization and resolution of conflict in Ninewa.

During the fall of 2020, we launched the “I ♥ Sinjar” project. EPIC’s team is currently inviting Sinjari civil society groups and activists to participate, many of whom have a history of community work and collaboration with other communities. Each participant will develop their own change strategy and receive support in translating their respective strategies into a communications plan that includes the use of online videos (via Facebook and YouTube).

EPIC will then provide training, mentoring, and technical support on creating and posting online videos as an effective part of their change strategy. When done well, videos can be successfully used as a tool of outreach, communication and education. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of digital citizenship, learn how to stay safe online and other best practices, and collaborate on ways to reduce conflict, promote healing, and support recovery in Sinjar.


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