The Connection Initiative






The Connection Initiative

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center is looking for Skilled Iraqi-American Volunteers willing to give their time and talent to assist Iraqi NGOs and those in need. We have virtual and on-the-ground volunteer opportunities available. Right now we are in immediate need of PTSD Psychologists and other MENTAL HEALTH professionals with trauma treatment experience willing to travel to Iraq.

Iraq’s civil society has assumed a critical role in filling the service provision and local organizational void created by inefficiency and corruption within the country’s political establishment. Today, these civil society organizations are vibrant, diverse, and competently-led after a decade of growth and international support. However, many still lack capacity as they face outsized need for their services while Iraq moves past its ISIS nightmare.

In partnership with Professionals for a Better Iraq (PBI) and with funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, EPIC connects Iraqi civil society organizations with skilled members of the country’s vast diaspora by developing a database of Iraqis in the United States willing to share their resources with in-country organizations. Iraq’s multi-generational diaspora represents a vast, yet largely untapped reservoir of talent that we mobilize to build civil society capacity at a critical moment in Iraqi political and social development. Such an effort showcases the involvement of the Iraqi diaspora in the country’s present and future, and facilitates increased exchange between Iraqis at home and abroad.

If you are a member of the Iraqi-American diaspora in the United States and are interested in volunteering your time and talent for Iraq’s development, please:

EPIC is committed to ensuring a safe and prosperous Iraq for all generations. We hope that you will join us in this effort!

For more background information about the Connections Initiative, click here.