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ISHM: August 17 – 23

This week’s headlines: The Federal Supreme Court Announces the Ratification of Election Results, Major Parties Announce the Formation of a National Majority Bloc – On

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ISHM: August 10 – 16

This week’s headlines: IHEC Announces Results of Recount, Negotiations for the Formation of the New Government Begin – After announcing the end of the ballot

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ISHM : August 3 – 9

This week’s headlines: IHEC Is Accused of Ignoring Vote Counting Machine Concerns, IHEC Announces the End of Election Ballots Recount – The process of election

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ISHM : July 27 – August 2

This week’s headlines: While demonstrations continue throughout Iraq, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued several directives to address protesters’ demands- On July 27, demonstrators in Baghdad

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ISHM: July 20 – 26

This week’s headlines: Government Officials Meet to Address Protest Demands ▪ Ballot Recount Process Concludes, Discrepancies Appear ▪ Continued Displacement Challenges Iraqi Government, Relief Agencies ▪ ISIS Attacks Highlight Ongoing Militant Threat ▪ Deadly Clashes Occur Along Iraq-Iran Border; Turkey Continues Anti-PKK Operations

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ISHM: July 13 – 19

This week’s headlines: Large-Scale Protests Spread Across Southern Iraq ▪ Baghdad Offers Reforms, Conducts Arrests in Response to Escalating Protests ▪ ISIS Cells Active Across Northern and Central Iraq ▪ Ballot Recount Process Continues ▪ Displacement Challenges Remain in Areas Liberated from ISIS

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ISHM: JUNE 29 – July 12, 2018

This week’s headlines: Parliamentary Elections Ballot Recount Continues to Fuel Controversy ▪ Water Shortage Curtails Oil Refinement, Prompts Crop Limitations ▪ Demonstrator Killed in Basra amid Ongoing Protests ▪ Turkish Military Continues to Hit PKK Targets in Northern Iraq ▪ ISIS Insurgent Activity Continues to Challenge Security Forces ▪ Hemorrhagic Fever Sparks Health Scare ▪ Construction Begins at New US Consulate in Erbil

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ISHM: JUNE 22 – 28, 2018

This week’s headlines: Abadi, Sadr Negotiate Alliance as Government Formation Process Continues ▪ Baghdad Calls for PKK Disarmament; Turkish Airstrikes Continue ▪ ISIS Continues to Harass Security Forces in Diyala, Kirkuk, Anbar ▪ Protesters Demand Reliable Electricity ▪ Water Shortage Threatens Iraqi Agriculture ▪ Iraq Oil Ministry Agrees to OPEC Oil Production Increases ▪ Pence Confirms “US Commitment to Middle East” in Call with Abadi

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ISHM: JUNE 15 – 21, 2018

This week’s headlines: Negotiations Continue to Form an “Inclusive National” Government ▪ Angelina Jolie Visits Western Mosul, Highlighting Ongoing Reconstruction Challenge ▪ Diyala Security Deteriorates; Counter-ISIS Operations Continue ▪ Clashes Erupt Between Iraqi Security Forces and Popular Mobilization Units ▪ Turkish Military Strikes PKK Positions in Northern Iraq ▪ Water, Electricity Shortages Prompt Protests

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ISHM: June 1 – 14, 2018

This week’s headlines: Judicial Council Appointed to Oversee Recount of Ballots, Sidelining IHEC ▪ Warehouse Fire Destroys Untold Number of Ballots Slated for Recount ▪ Sadr, Amiri Declare Alliance, Pushing the Blocs Closer to a Majority ▪ Turkish Dam Exacerbates Iraq’s Water Crisis ▪ Sporadic ISIS Attacks Continue Despite Improved Security ▪ Turkey Continues to Target PKK in Northern Iraq

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ISHM: May 18 – 24, 2018

This week’s headlines: IHEC Announces Official Election Results ▪ Candidates, Parties File Challenges to Election Outcomes ▪ Negotiations Continue as Elected Coalitions Seek to Form New Government ▪ Washington Post: New Clues Suggest Baghdadi Still Alive

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ISHM: May 11 – 17, 2018

This week’s headlines: Abadi, Party Leaders Congratulate Sadr on Election Victory ▪ Fraud Accusations Roil Kirkuk ▪ Party Headquarters Attacked in Sulaimania on Election Day ▪ Polling Stations See Some Irregularities ▪ Despite US Embassy Caution, Polling Stations Remained Safe on Election Day ▪ Second Attack in Two Weeks Hits Tarmiyah ▪ Iraq Condemns US Embassy Move in Israel

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