We did it!

Thanks to the support of 191 contributors like you, we successfully reached our crowd funding goal on Indiegogo.

The EPIC team's jump for joy
The EPIC team (from left to right): Executive Director Erik Gustafson, Board Member Andrew Morton, Board President Nathaniel Hurd, Fall interns Daniel Young and Joanna Fisher (and her flying scarf), and our chief project advisor Kristien Zenkov. Off camera: EPIC fall intern Christian Chung and 191 contributors who took us across the finish line!

As a result, PHOTOVOICE IRAQ: Picturing Change is 100% funded, and EPIC is now moving forward to implement Iraq’s first photovoice project.

If you shared our project with your friends or donated, thank you for being a part of this amazing achievement.

Here at EPIC, Picturing Change represents another important step toward our long-term goal of establishing a summer youth institute to serve young people and educators from across the region.

The young Iraqis picturing change will help EPIC better understand the needs and aspirations of Iraq’s youth, supporting the development of programs that best serve them. We will also gain valuable knowledge and experience about how to advance innovative ideas in the field of education.

We’ll keep you posted with regular updates here and on EPIC’s Facebook page as we implement this exciting project.

Thank you for being a part of our growing EPIC community.

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