We Are Together

With the stroke of a pen last Friday, President Trump signed an ill-conceived Executive Order that attacks the very foundations of who we are as a nation. If allowed to stand, it will have far-reaching and dangerous repercussions for our national security, for America’s standing in the world, and for U.S. allies, especially Iraq.

As an organization working on Iraq — one of the Muslim-majority nations singled out by the President’s actions — the Executive Order represents a direct threat to our mission, our ability to reach and work with populations in need, and our friends and colleagues. For a week now, EPIC and our team in the office have been responding on both a professional and personal basis, working to help dear friends, making ourselves available as volunteers, and speaking out. If you are among our supporters directly impacted, we want you to know that you are not alone.

These actions have already placed an unnecessary burden on families seeking safety, parents separated from their children, students trying to return to their schools, business leaders and medical professionals trying to get to work, and thousands of others in similarly frustrating situations.

At the Education for Peace in Iraq Center, we believe that reconciliation and progress require collaboration and the free movement of people — necessities severely limited by these actions. We have issued a press statement condemning President Trump’s recent orders and hope you will join us in spreading the word that immigrants and refugees are not a threat to the United States — they are a part of it — and we value them.

During this dark period of unnecessary delay as the lives of our friends and families in Iraq are put on hold — and held in greater danger — we are actively working to educate Congress and the administration about the lives impacted and better policy alternatives. You can explore the things you can do right now to help from our friends at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). And for those who need legal assistance, please reach out to your local ACLU affiliate.

Thank you for raising your voice to counter these actions and educate your friends and neighbors about the importance of togetherness.


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