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Summary: Security incidents during this reporting period included four operations by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) that involved arresting individuals suspected of terrorism in various parts of Ninewa. There were also three ISF operations that led to the discovery and safe disposal of car bombs and other explosives. This week there was one joint operation for the ISF and International Coalition aviation that killed nine ISIS militants southwest of Mosul. On the other hand, unknown militants murdered two civilians in Tal-Afar and Sinjar, and kidnapped one tribal leader inside Mosul. Finally, a landmine explosion killed a US national working on de-mining operations south of Mosul.

Note: locations are approximate


Security Incidents

On September 2, unknown militants driving a vehicle without plates opened fire on a civilian near his home in Tal-Afar, killing him instantly.

On September 2, a de-mining team of Army Engineers said it found and defused three Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at the northern entrance to Qahtaniya, west of Mosul.

On September 3, ISF arrested four individuals suspected of being ISIS members in the neighborhoods of Bab al-Jedida, Ras al-Jada and Hermat in Mosul’s western side.

On September 3, the Falcons Intelligence Cell said its forces killed nine ISIS militants and destroyed their position, which was inside a tunnel in the Sihaji region southwest of Mosul. Aviation assets of the International Coalition supported the operation.

On September 3, a landmine explosion killed a U.S. national working for a Swiss demining foundation. The incident occurred at the village of Tel-Shueir in the Qayyara sub-district south of Mosul.

On September 3, police sources said that a woman was killed with a silenced weapon inside her home. The incident took place in the village of Gohbel in the Sinuni sub-district of Sinjar.

On September 4, the Security Media Cell said that Iraqi Army forces destroyed two hideouts used by ISIS militants in the Tel Kaysom desert region in the Tel-Afar district on Ninewa. The forces also found a car bomb and disposed of it safely.

On September 5, the Security Media Cell said that Iraqi Army and Tribal Mobilization Forces found three car bombs and detonated them under control in the regions of Lake Suneisla and Jabal Manayif west of Mosul.

On September 5, unknown militants wearing military uniforms kidnapped Sheikh Ahmed Hazim of the al-Badran tribe after blocking his car’s path while driving in the Mansour neighborhood south of Mosul.

On September 5, the Ministry of Interior said it arrested a member of the so called “soldiers divan” of ISIS in the Tel-Afar district during the organization’s control of Ninewa. The suspect was arrested in Hay al-Sukar in eastern Mosul.

On September 6, the Interior Ministry said that Ninewa police arrested five individuals suspected of being ISIS members, and another three wanted for threatening civilians. The arrests took place in the neighborhoods of Zahraa, Tahrir, Adan and Arbajiyah in Mosul’s eastern side.


Officially launched in June 2019, Ninewa-ISHM and Security Bulletins utilize information collected from community-based monitors; Iraq-based Arabic, Kurdish, and English news sources; data from aid agencies; and social media posts, verified and fact-checked by EPIC’s research team. This weekly bulletin is part of Safe Return, a project to support the safe and voluntary return of IDPs who have survived severe human rights abuses to their homes in Ninewa. Safe Return is made possible with the generous support of the American people through USAID in partnership with Heartland Alliance International.

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