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Summary: There was a relative increase in the number of attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Ninewa province this week. Security incidents during this reporting period included four IED attacks in villages located in the subdistricts of Hamam al-Alil and al-Shoura, south of Mosul that, in total, killed one person and injured three others, all members of the tribal mobilization forces. On the other hand, there were six operations by Iraqi security forces (ISF) that resulted in the arrests of 16 suspected terrorists across the province. There was also a seven ISF operation in which security forces found and disposed of one car bomb and several explosive vests.


Note: locations are approximate

Security Incidents

On September 28, a force from the Iraqi Army’s 20th division found and disposed of one car bomb and five explosive vests in the Malha area in Baaj, west of Mosul.

On September 28, ISF arrested seven suspects believed to be ISIS members in Tel Kaif, north of Mosul.

On September 28, military intelligence units arrested two suspected terrorists in the Agwar and Shuhada neighborhoods in west Mosul, based on court-issued warrants.

On September 29, a joint force of Ninewa police, intelligence and counter-terrorism arrested three members of ISIS in the west Mosul neighborhoods of Tanak, Amil and Mamoun. One of the suspects was an ISIS security agent while the other two were fighters in “Diwan al-Jund” during the ISIS occupation of Mosul.

On September 29, an IED explosion wounded two tribal mobilization fighters while driving between the villages of Tasah and Najma in al-Shoura subdistrict south of Mosul. A second explosion happened after a police patrol arrived at the scene, but did not cause additional casualties.

On September 30, police forces in Hamam al-Alil arrested two ISIS members who had been fighters in “Diwan al-Jund”. The arrest took place in the Salahiya village and was based on an arrest warrant.

On September 30, police forces in Sinjar arrested a suspected terrorist at one of the city’s checkpoints. The suspect is believed to have worked for the “Hisba” organization within ISIS during its occupation of Ninewa.

On October 2, an IED exploded in al-Shoura subdistrict south of Mosul, killing one tribal mobilization fighter. A second IED exploded on the same date near the village of Gabr al-Abd, near Hamam al-Alil, south of Mosul. The second explosion did not cause casualties.

On October 2, the Ninewa operations command said its forces arrested a member of ISIS who was involved in filming and broadcasting ISIS operations and executions. The arrest took place in the Islah Zira’ie neighborhood in west Mosul.

Officially launched in June 2019, Ninewa-ISHM and Security Bulletins utilize information collected from community-based monitors; Iraq-based Arabic, Kurdish, and English news sources; data from aid agencies; and social media posts, verified and fact-checked by EPIC’s research team. This weekly bulletin is part of Safe Return, a project to support the safe and voluntary return of IDPs who have survived severe human rights abuses to their homes in Ninewa. Safe Return is made possible with the generous support of the American people through USAID in partnership with Heartland Alliance International.

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