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Ninewa Security Bulletin: August 16 – August 23, 2019


Summary: This reporting period did not include any confirmed terrorist or militant attacks in Ninewa province. By contrast, security incidents included six operations in which Iraqi security forces (ISF) arrested a number of militants and suspects. These operations involved the confiscation of various weapons and munitions used by militants. In addition, a total of twelve militants were killed during another ISF operation, and in an airstrike by the International Coalition, south and west of Mosul City, respectively. Also this week, authorities discovered several bodies, some belong to ISIS militants who were killed by ISF, while others belonged to victims of ISIS. There was also one unidentified body found this week.

Note: locations are approximate


Security incidents

On August 17, police sources in Ninewa said they found a grave containing the remains of five victims who were killed by ISIS in al-Hod village near Qayyara, south of Mosul.

On August 17, General Noman al-Zubaie, commander of Ninewa Operations, said the Iraqi Army and Tribal Mobilization Forces conducted an operation west of Shora sub-district, south of Mosul. The forces killed nine ISIS members, arrested four more and also discovered various weapons.

On August 18, the military intelligence department said it infiltrated and dismantled a terrorist cell in al-Sahaji village west of Mosul. Three suspects wanted for attacks on security forces were arrested.

On August 18, a source in Ninewa police said police found the body of an unidentified young man who was shot in the head in the village of al-Athba south of Mosul.

On August 18, Popular Mobilization Forces arrested two suspects wanted for terrorism in an area west of Ba’aj. The suspects are thought to be responsible for a car-bomb that exploded in Tal-Afar on January 25, 2019 that killed two civilians and injured 11.

On August 18, Ninewa Operations Command said it destroyed seven hideouts and a weapons cache used by ISIS. ISF arrested three suspects wanted for terrorism and disposed of various munitions, including rockets, mortar shells and autocannon ammunition.

On August 19, a source in the Civil Defense said authorities discovered 14 bodies in the Bab al-Baydh neighborhood in Mosul. The bodies were found during rubble removal and belong to members of ISIS who were killed by ISF in 2017.

On August 20, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said a joint police and crime-fighting force arrested of six members of a gang wanted for armed robbery. The suspects were arrested in various parts of western and eastern Mosul hours after the robbed a resident’s home.

On August 20, the Security Media Cell reported that six ISIS members were killed inside a tunnel in an airstrike conducted by the International Coalition in the Atshana Mountains west of Mosul.

On August 21, police arrested five women suspected of being ISIS members in the Lazzaga village near Qayyara, south of Mosul. Three of the women were Syrian nationals.

On August 21, the Interior Ministry said it arrested a member of ISIS southwest of Mosul. The person worked in ISIS media production and was responsible for producing and disseminating videos of ISIS operations.

On August 22, authorities opened an investigation into reports of unidentified bodies recently found in Mosul’s Old City. The chief of the security committee in Ninewa’s council said security is being tightened in the area in case the bodies were connected to criminal or terrorist acts.

On August 23, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) launched a new security operation the Jazira desert of Hatra district. PMF reinforced their units there to search for ISIS members and prevent infiltration.


Officially launched in June 2019, Ninewa-ISHM and Security Bulletins utilize information collected from community-based monitors; Iraq-based Arabic, Kurdish, and English news sources; data from aid agencies; and social media posts, verified and fact-checked by EPIC’s research team. This weekly bulletin is part of Safe Return, a project to support the safe and voluntary return of IDPs who have survived severe human rights abuses to their homes in Ninewa. Safe Return is made possible with the generous support of the American people through USAID in partnership with Heartland Alliance International

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