Information for Iraqis in the U.S. Interested in Voting in May 12 Elections


This information is reposted from our friends at the Iraqi-American Young Professionals for Iraqis in the U.S. interested in voting in Iraq’s May Parliamentary elections:

Iraqis living in the U.S. who are interested in voting in the May elections can do so May 10 and May 11. Make sure you have everything required, but remember that the right to vote is a constitutionally protected right that no one can take away without a good reason. If a polling official says there is a problem with your documentation, ask to speak to the poll manager. Do not let them turn you away. If you have any trouble, contact me immediately.

You DO NOT need to be preregistered to vote. All you need to have is two forms of ID, one primary Iraqi ID from the list below and another supporting Iraqi or Foreign ID. If you have legally changed your name, you will not be able to use the foreign ID with your new name, so you will need two Iraqi IDs. However, if your full name doesn’t match exactly because of different naming conventions on the two IDs, you will be able to use the foreign ID to vote. IDs can be expired.

The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission would like to announce to open its office in the United States of America, and considering the Washington D.C. Capital office, as a main office. In addition, opening some different polling stations in the following 14 states and cities.

That’s due to the plan that been adopted by the High Commission office to expand vote centers for Iraqi people from seven states to 14 states. Due to that, it begins to expand the spread of its offices in other states to facilitate the access of Iraqis abroad to the polling stations.

The polling stations shall be open to voters on the dates of 10th-11th of May, 2018, from 07:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. The voting will be processed for the voters by presenting two formal documents; with condition that one of the documents should be an Iraqi Official Document, that shows the voter’s eligibility. By eligibility, we mean that the voters are Iraqi citizens, and that the voters are reached 18 years of age. In addition, showing documents to show which candidate and province they are eligible to vote for.

The Iraqi Primary Documents”
– National Unified Card.
– Iraqi passport.
– Civil Status ID.
– Certificate of Iraqi Nationality.
– The Iraqi Census Book of 1957 (It should come with a photograph)
– The electronic biometric card, that should come with a photograph.
– Iraqi driver’s license.

The Iraqi Secondary Documents:
– An electronic voter card that does not contain an image.
– Ration card.
– Iraqi Resident Card (can be considered as a primary document for the head of the family only).
– The electronic registration form for the registration of Iraqi voters abroad.

The Foreign Secondary Documents:
– UN refugee card (UNHCR)
– Certification of the International Red Cross, or International Red Crescent Certificate.
– Driver’s License of the resident state.
– Green Card (Permanent Residence ID)
– Passport of the country of residence.
– Iraqi Birth Certificate, that issued by the Iraqi embassies with another secondary document.
– Certificate of graduation from foreign universities to be certified by the ministry (The same original copy).
– Asylum seeking document for Iraqis abroad (issued by country of residence).
– White Residence Card

Polling station locations are in the photo below:

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