Today, and Every Day

August 13th is International Youth Day, a day to celebrate young people and their contributions to making the world a better place.  It is also a day to remember the importance of investing in the next generation.

This Youth Day, consider a charitable contribution to our new project on Indiegogo!

Today’s youth population is the largest the world has ever seen.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns that, 

“A large number [of young people] have no immediate prospects and are disenfranchised from the political, social and development processes in their countries.  Without urgent measures, we risk creating a ‘lost generation’ of squandered talent and dreams.”

Photo credit: Metrography

Here is one modest, but important measure that you can support today.

EPIC’s new project, PHOTOVOICE IRAQ: Picturing Change, would reach twenty young people in war-torn Iraq (ages 10 to 25).  Through the practice of photovoice, they would use photography and their own voices to become active participants in the development of their communities.  To make that happen, we need your help.

Right now, Picturing Change is 27% funded.  With your help, we can reach 100%!

Please consider making a charitable contribution to Picturing Change today.

Your donation has never been more important.

EPIC’s  mission this International Youth Day, and every day, is to reach and empower young people in war-torn Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.  Thank you for making this work possible.

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