The Tishreen Report in Arabic is Here!

If you want to understand the Tishreen movement, you need the best information, and insight from the people who are part of it. Through focus groups with Tishreen and Iraqi Kurdish activists, a national public survey, and dozens of detailed interviews, this report offers an unmatched, detailed inside look into Iraq’s ongoing popular movement for reform.

The report is uniquely valuable because of our close relationships with Iraqi activists and peacebuilders on the ground. From the beginning, we wanted it to be a resource for them. That’s why we’re so proud to announce the Tishreen report is now available in Arabic.

In addition to supporting Iraqi change-makers, we believe a better understanding of the bottom-up change happening in Iraq can help the international community— including the United States and regional powers—recognize the agency of the Iraqi people, both in determining their own future and exercising their country’s sovereignty.

We plan to produce more ground-breaking research this year, and we depend on your support. Please consider becoming one of our sustaining donors.

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