TEDx: From Ideas to Action

Iraq is in a state of transition from war to peace, from occupation to independence, from an old to a new identity. As Iraqis face this transitional stage in their history, they have an opportunity to reflect on both the past and the future. TEDx Baghdad, an event initiated by Yahay AlAbdeliacts as a mirror for the Iraqi people, where Iraqi viewers witness their peers discussing relevant topics on Iraq and see a reflection of themselves and where the country is going. TEDx acts as an intermediary between rhetoric and action. The structure of the talks—often beginning with an idea and ending with a plan of action—provides the country with a model to orient itself to a path of security and harmony.

Ihsan Fethi, one of TEDx Baghdad’s most inspiring speakers, spoke on the importance of heritage and history in the story of humanity.  He explained that one cannot read a book that has missing pages because part of the story is missing.  In the same way, destroying historical sites disrupts Iraq’s story and distorts the view of its future.  As Iraq continues to experience transitions, it is critical to remember the complete story of its history.

A transition is just that—a transition—it is based on what came before in the context of developing what will be in the future.  This singular TEDtalk is an example of bridging the gap between rhetoric and action, between what we say and what we do. As Fethi said in his talk, “Merely talking about heritage has no meaning. The real meaning comes from action.”  

Stay tuned to the TEDx Baghdad website for news on upcoming TEDx events in Iraq. 

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