Responding to Needs in Mosul and Beyond


As Iraqi forces push deeper into populated areas of Mosul, they are facing extraordinary dangers. In the midst of street to street battles against ISIS snipers, IEDs, and suicide bombers, families and children flee, trying to escape the fighting.

At EPIC, we are responding by closely monitoring and reporting on the crisis, meeting with public officials to rally support for a stronger humanitarian response, and providing as much on-the-ground support as possible to Iraqi families and children fleeing the fighting in and around Mosul.

Here are some highlights of our recent efforts:

  • the deployment of our Soccer Salam team to a security checkpoint south of Mosul where they were able to rapidly respond to food shortages and provide medical care,
  • an op-ed in The Hill on the missing elements of Iraq’s security strategy,
  • an analysis of the shortfalls in preparations to protect innocent civilians who may remain in Mosul during its liberation,
  • a podcast with Daryl Grisgraber of Refugees International on the needs of displaced families throughout Iraq (not just those fleeing from Mosul),
  • a discussion of the implications of militias in Tal Afar and the consequences of government inaction in Hawija,
  • a two-part analysis on why efforts to reform the government have stalled, despite the widespread will of the people,
  • a podcast conversation with Christine van den Toorn of the American University of Iraq – Sulaimaniya on what happens to Mosul after it is rid of ISIS,
  • a roadmap for the Iraqi government and international community to consider as Iraq looks to rebuild, and
  • our weekly ISHM reports released each Thursday, which provide a brief digest of the latest security, humanitarian, and political developments in Iraq.

Reporting on Iraq’s most urgent needs, providing humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever possible, and educating the public about the country’s potential has long been our mission.

Thank you for being a part of EPIC and for all you do to support our mission.

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