Reflection, Reconciliation, and Reconstruction

As nearly one million people remain displaced from Mosul and its surroundings, a plan to reconcile differences and rebuild cooperatively is critical for breaking the cycle of violence in Iraq.

Our recent publications cover past lessons that may be useful in shaping Iraq’s future, actual plans for reconstructing Iraq’s most devastated areas, and thoughts on what comes next for Iraqi Kurdistan as the region prepares for a referendum on independence.

Here are a few of these recent pieces that may interest you:

And finally, as our friend and colleague Matthew Schweitzer leaves Washington to pursue graduate studies abroad, we are pleased that he will continue to work with us as our Research Fellow. He recently reflected on his past year with EPIC, and shared his optimism for Iraq’s future.

EPIC will continue in our efforts to enhance understanding, monitor the crisis, and provide relief as we work toward an Iraq free from the cycle of violence. Thank you for being a part of our community.


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