Reflecting on 2018, Gearing up for 2019

As we prepare to welcome the new year, we thought we would take the time to reflect on the progress Iraq has made over the past year and our work to support Iraq’s recovery.

In Ramadi, Mosul, Sinjar, and other areas recovering from war, four million Iraqis have returned to their homes as families begin the hard work of rebuilding their lives. At the same time, another two million Iraqis remain displaced, unable to return to their homes and ancestral lands due to the scale of destruction, the presence of explosive remnants of war, and the fear of armed militias or remaining ISIS fighters. For many, the challenges are so great that international and community support are still very much needed.

At this time of hope, the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC) is expanding our efforts to lend support to Iraq’s most war-affected communities.

To support our expanding efforts in Iraq, our Board of Directors will match all donations made this holiday season dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000! I am excited to share with you this opportunity to double your impact for peace in the New Year, and to strengthen EPIC at this pivotal time in our mission of peace. Now more than ever, we need your continued support.
In 2018, EPIC made significant strides in furthering our mission. With your support, we:

  • Launched “Safe Return” to aid displaced communities as families and individuals seek to safely return to their homes across Ninewa Province. Through this 2-year multi-organizational effort, we are determined to help restore the diversity of Ninewa where ISIS forcibly drove out Yazidis, Assyrians, Turkmen, and other Iraqi communities vital to the social fabric and economic life of the region.
  • Helped improve mental health services to war-affected communities by carrying out a needs assessment of the mental health sector in Ninewa. In partnership with the Iraq Health Access Organization (IHAO), we helped train social workers and medical professionals to treat patients suffering from trauma.
  • Produced new episode of our Iraq Matters podcast, including conversations about the challenges facing Iraq, from Mosul’s recovery after ISIS to Basra’s water crisis, and the important opportunities for positive change created by young people and civil society.
  • Continued our publication of the Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM), a weekly digest of key developments in Iraq for aid workers, policymakers, journalists, and others
  • Met with public officials and congressional staff members to rally support for a stronger humanitarian response in Iraq, and greater aid to rebuild Iraq’s institutions.

Support peace in the New Year

In 2019, your continued support will allow us to:

  • Expand our programming in Iraq through our new office in Erbil.
  • Increase public accountability and redress grievances by sharing information about local needs and human rights conditions with public officials and international partners.
  • Support the safe return of displaced Iraqi families by providing accurate, timely information about the security environment and living conditions of their hometowns.
  • Advocate for ongoing humanitarian needs and stronger international support for Iraq’s peace and development.
  • Continue to monitor the humanitarian, security, and political landscape to keep academics, journalists, policymakers, and you informed.

Your generosity and compassion have already changed lives. We ask that you give whatever you can to support peace in Iraq in the New Year. All year-end gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000, thanks to EPIC’s Board of Directors.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to double your impact! Your donation to EPIC will aid families in need while furthering the prospects for peace in Iraq.

Support peace in the New Year

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