Helping Iraq Recover After ISIS

The people of Iraq have successfully liberated the city of Mosul from the grips of ISIS after a nine month battle that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and left 70% of the city’s western half in near ruin. The result of ISIS brutality, 750,000 people remain displaced from their homes and in stark need of food, water, and medicine.

This Friday, I will travel to Iraq on a field mission to assess our efforts to help Iraq rebuild and bridge gaps in critical services. Before I go, I had the opportunity to sit down with the individual responsible for these efforts on a national level.

On this edition of IRAQ MATTERS, we are honored to welcome Dr. Mustafa al-Hiti, President of Iraq’s Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Activities. The Fund was established by the Government of Iraq in 2015 to coordinate urgent reconstruction activities in areas destroyed by ISIS, to develop plans for mid- and long-term reconstruction, and to serve as the link between international organizations and Iraqi government institutions.

Take a listen as Dr. al-Hiti explains the critical needs facing Iraq today – not just in Mosul, but throughout the country. He also shares his thoughts on rebuilding civil society and the role his organization plays in coalescing support from the international community. You can listen on iTunes or directly on our website:

Listen to our podcast on reconstructing Iraq
or click here to read a full transcript.

Please share the episode with your friends and colleagues and stay tuned for an update after my return from Iraq in early August.

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