#31: Reconstructing Iraq After ISIS

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As Iraqi forces near victory against ISIS militants in Mosul, policymakers in Baghdad now face the daunting task of restoring infrastructure and essential services in cities and territory damaged by three years of brutal occupation and war. The costs of such work in Mosul alone could rise above $100 billion over the course of 10 years, while elsewhere the Iraqi government faces similar multi-billion dollar price-tags. Failing to meet these costs could foster future instability. Finding the financial and material resources to meet these challenges will prove critical as Iraq moves beyond the ISIS nightmare.

On this edition of Iraq Matters, we are honored to welcome Dr. Mustafa al-Hiti, President of the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations. The Fund was established by the Government of Iraq in 2015 to coordinate urgent reconstruction activities in areas destroyed by ISIS, to develop plans for mid- and long-term reconstruction, and to serve as the link between international organizations and Iraqi government ministries.

Listen as Dr. al-Hiti explains the stark need facing Iraq today – not just in Mosul, but throughout the country. He also shares his thoughts on rebuilding civil society, the importance of maintaining traditional security in places under reconstruction, and the role his organization plays in coalescing support from the international community and world governments.


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