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EPIC Honors the Role of Veterans in Charity’s History and Mission – 11/11/2015

Soccer Salam Coalition Builds on Success: Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $20,000 for Iraqi Children and Families Fleeing ISIS – 07/24/2015

EPIC Welcomes Ahmed Ali as Visiting Senior Fellow, Launches Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor – 01/30/2015

Wheels Up: Plane Departs for Iraq Carrying Five Tons of Emergency Humanitarian Aid and 1,000 Soccer Balls for Iraqi Children and Families Fleeing ISIS – 12/19/2014

Four US Charities Team Up to Deliver Emergency Winter Supplies, Soccer Balls to Iraqi Children and Families Fleeing ISIS – 12/9/2014

35 NGOs and Faith Institutions Join EPIC to Call for Stronger U.S. Humanitarian Engagement in Iraq – 08/1/2014

U.S. Combat Veterans Return to Iraq’s War Zone on A Humanitarian Mission for Syrian Refugee Children – 05/2/2014

As Iraqis Head to the Polls, Citizens Worldwide Join EPIC in Urging Obama to Do More to Support Peace in Iraq – 04/29/2014

EPIC Launches Petition to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda – 03/19/2013

EPIC Joins the Combines Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area – 11/10/2012

PHOTOVOICE IRAQ:Picturing Change – 7/24/2012

Iraqi Youth Hike – 5/20/2011

NGO Letter to President Obama – 5/09/2009

Ground Truth Project – 7/17/2006

EPIC in the Media

The Battle to Repair Iraq’s Social Fabric, Beyond Mosul’s Front Lines – World Politics Review – 11/23/2016

Shia Militias and Mosul – The Chicago Tribune (reprint) – 11/18/2016

Shia Militas are Crashing the Mosul Offensive – Foreign Policy – 11/18/2016

Iraq, Once Again, Has Our Attention – The Hill – 10/25/2016

Where and How the U.S. Military is Fighting Islamist Insurgencies – The Diane Rehm Show – 10/19/2016

The Stolen War: How Corruption and Fraud Created a Failed State in Iraq and Led Directly to the Rise of ISIS – New Republic – 08/23/2016

What is the American Dream? – Fair Observer – 05/16/2016

Ongoing Unrest in Iraq – The Heat – 05/06/2016

The Results of a New Poll of Arab Youth Reveal a lot About Our Foreign Policy – Rare – 04/25/2016

On The Line: Danny Gold Discusses the War Against the Islamic State and the Liberation of Sinjar – 12/04/2015

Post-Saddam Iraq, Post-Gaddafi Libya – The Heat – 12/02/2015

Iowa Reservist Can’t Forget About Plight of Iraqi People – The Des Moines Register – 08/13/2015

Iraq Cabinet Approves Sweeping Overhaul to Political System – The Wall Street Journal – 08/09/2015

EPIC Representatives Discuss the Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq and How They’re Trying to Solve it Through Their “Soccer Salam” Campaign – The Mandy Aracena podcast – 07/30/2015

A Skeptic and a Priest among Displaced Christians in Iraq – The National Review – 07/30/2015

Iraq Launches Assault on Jihadi Stronghold Fallujah – The Telegraph – 07/06/2015

Iraq-Iran Relations and Combatting ISIS – C-Span – 05/28/2015

Iraqi Analyst: ISIS is Being Rolled Back – MSNBC – 05/27/2015

Why Are the Islamic State’s Commanders so Much Better than the Iraqi Army? – Foreign Policy – 05/26/2015

Calm Down. ISIS Isn’t Winning. – The New York Times – 05/21/2015

Fall of Ramadi to ISIS Weakens Rule of Iraqi Premier – The New York Times – 05/18/2015

Rotary Helps ‘Soccer Salam’ Bring Smiles to Iraqi Children – Portland Tribune – 04/23/2015

ISIS in Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Shia Militias Form Wary “Marriage of Convenience” to Oust Islamist Insurgents Ahead of Push on Kirkuk – The Independent – 04/20/2015

Tracking U.S. Weapons Grows Harder in the Fog of Iraq’s Fragmented War – The Washington Post – 03/26/2015

Meet the Fighters Preparing to Retake Mosul From ISIL – Al Jazeera English – 03/25/2015

Iraqi Kurdistan Nears Breaking Point – IRIN News – 03/20/2015

Iraq Confident It Can Protect Artifacts Returned By U.S. – Al Arabiya News – 03/18/2015

Iraqi Forces Advance Further Into Tikrit – Financial Times – 03/12/2015

On The Line: Henry Langston Discusses Iraq’s Shia Militias – VICE News – 02/23/2015

U.S.-backed Iraqi Forces Face Risky Urban Warfare in Battle Against Islamic State – The Washington Post – 02/08/2015

Soccer Salam to aid Iraqis displaced by Islamic State – Omaha World-Herald – 12/21/2014

Let’s Make Bitcoin the Biggest Humanitarian Tool the World Has Ever Seen – Huffington Post – 11/30/2014

TentEd in Iraq; Interviews and Winter Edition – Huffington Post – 11/18/2014

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center: Discussing Education and Humanitarian Efforts in Iraq – Back Talk Radio – 11/9/2014

What The People Saving Lives in Iraq Hope Obama Says in His ISIS Speech – ThinkProgress – 9/10/2014

Tent Education: A Refugee Education Initiative – BORGEN Magazine – 08/25/2014

With Country in Turmoil, Iraq War Veterans Become Humanitarians – ABC NEWS – 8/8/2014

Charities Urge US to Address Refugee Crisis in Kurdish Zone – Rudaw – 8/6/2014

Here’s What It’s Like To Return To Iraq 10 Years After The War – Task & Purpose – 07/16/2014

Crisis in Iraq: Guest Panel – CCTV – 6/25/2014

From Baghdad to Beantown – 4/19/2014

Syrian Refugee Education: A Conversation With Zack Bazzi – Huffington Post – 4/23/2014

Nathaniel Hurd ’99 to Bring Photovoice to Iraq  – Hamilton – 9/12/2012

Iraq Action Days in the Washington Times – Washington Times – 4/22/2008