#21: One Year After the Fall of Sinjar

Erik talks with Christine
Erik talks with Iraq-based researcher Christine van den Toorn about Sinjar one year after the city fell to ISIS

One year ago this week, ISIS captured the city of Sinjar, the historic home of Iraq’s Yazidi community. ISIS massacred hundreds of residents in cold blood and kidnapped thousands of women and children. As some 50,000 residents fled, many became trapped on Mount Sinjar, prompting the U.S. and international community to respond.

During that crisis, EPIC released a special IRAQ MATTERS podcast on What You Need to Know About What Happened in Sinjar featuring on-the-ground accounts from the Iraq-based researcher Christine van den Toorn and Nawaf, an Iraqi Yazidi college student from Sinjar.

Sinjar’s location in Iraq. For a closer look at Mount Sinjar, see the map illustrations of The New York Times.

To mark the one-year anniversary of the tragic fall of Sinjar, this week IRAQ MATTERS caught up with Christine van den Toorn who now directs the Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS) at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. We talk with Christine about what’s happening in Sinjar today and about what has happened to Sinjar’s displaced residents, including an update on Nawaf and his family.

We also talk with John Chisholm and Sarah Walker, researchers with the Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor, for an update on the siege of Haditha and other recent developments in Iraq.

Time Index:

00:15 – Brief introduction with Erik Gustafson
02:15 – Iraq Update with John Chisholm and Sarah Walker
07:15 – Erik’s interview with Christine van den Toorn (recorded on July 29, 2015)
59:20 – Conclusion

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