#8: A Conversation with Yasmeen Alamiri

For this week’s episode, Iraq Matters sits down with the groundbreaking Iraqi-American journalist and longtime White House correspondent Yasmeen Alamiri. Yasmeen currently works both as a reporter and producer with Al-Arabiya. For her interview we discuss her experience as a young Iraqi-American woman covering the White House, and what she hopes to see develop between the US and Iraq moving forward.

Yasmeen Alamiri, a Washington based Iraqi-American with Al-Arabiya.

Heavy rainfall and dropping temperatures in November has made winter’s approach tangible, as dirt roads have become caked with mud, and the once dry tents that offered shelter are now a battle ground against disease and rain water. Aid agencies are under considerable amounts of pressure to provide the winter essentials for over 200,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq. Camps like Kawargosk are turning into sprawling-cramped cities where once there was just open desert. Distribution of winter essentials is in full swing, but in camps like Domiz with over 45,000 residents distribution will take longer.

To look into the humanitarian challenges of assisting Syrian refugees, EPIC commissioned two talented free-lance journalists currently based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, journalist Cathy Otten and photographer Jacob Russell. Cathy and Jacob report on the conditions at two Syrian refugee camps, and they delve into the challenges of urban-based refugees in Erbil and Sulaimani.

Their full report and photo essay can be read here on EPIC’s website.

On November 1st, President Obama and Prime Minister Maliki had their first meeting in nearly two years. Since then, we have begun to see signs of Iraq making its way back onto the agenda here in Washington, DC. In addition to the November 1st meeting, the House subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa held a hearing on November 14th to discuss US foreign policy and Iraq. We will continue to look for progress in steps to address the ongoing violence and evidence of a long-term commitment towards supporting Iraq’s peace and development. However, we still need your help! Our petition on Change.org is nearing its goal of 10,000 supporters with over 7,700 people who believe Iraq Matters! If you have not signed or shared the petition please take a moment and head on over to iraqmatters.org and let’s reach the goal of 10,000 together! If you like our podcast, please subscribe to our iTunes or Stitcher. Knowledge is only useful when shared, ours is free and we encourage our listeners to help spread our podcast! We also love to hear from our listeners, your feedback is incredibly valuable to our program. Please email your feedback and suggestions to info@enablingpeace.org.

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Humanitarian Update: 1:00 Iraq Update: 5:10 Interview with Yasmeen: 8:15

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