#13: Preventing a “Lost Generation” of Syrian children

Podcast Icon SilverWelcome to the premiere of our new season of IRAQ MATTERS: an EPIC podcast of news, ideas and conversations about Iraq.

The numbers are unimaginable. As the terrible war in Syria continues with no end in sight, more than 2.8 million Syrians have fled the country.

Can you imagine growing up in a refugee camp far from the only home (and school) that you’ve ever known? This is the reality facing the children of Syria who are in danger of becoming a ‘lost generation.’

Our new season begins with a conversation with Zack Bazzi, a veteran returning to Iraq’s conflict zone to carry out a small-scale, rapid-impact project to support the education of Syrian refugee children.

The project is called, TentEd, and it is being carried out under the auspices of EPIC as part of our response to help young Syrian refugees in Iraq, alongside our continuing commitment to invest in peace, education, and positive youth development in Iraq. As you listen to our interview with Zack, please consider supporting TentEd with a tax-deductible contribution toward our goal of raising $27K by June 10th.

Our new episode also features a special post-elections Iraq Update with Joel Wing of Musings on Iraq. Joel discusses the ongoing security crisis in Anbar province, the results of Iraq’s first national parliamentary elections since the withdrawal of US troops in 2011, and what we can expect from the government formation process in Baghdad.

Erik chatting with Zack about TentEd
Erik chatting with Zack about TentEd

As exciting as the World Cup, we’re thrilled to have you among our listeners as we kick off an epic new season!

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TIME INDEX of “Preventing a ‘Lost Generation’ of Syrian Children” (Season 2, premiere):

Intro with Taif Jany and Asha Athman: 0:00

Interview with Zack Bazzi of TentEd: 3:22

Humanitarian Update with Erik Gustafson: 32:42

Iraq Update with Joel Wing: 34:16

Closing with Taif Jany and Asha Athman: 48:43

Interested in hearing the special extended version of our interview with Zack Bazzi? Listen here for more interesting personal connections and discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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