#7: Veterans’ Perspectives on Iraq

Today, Iraq Matters sits down with three Iraq veterans to discuss their unique perspectives gained while deployed in Iraq. All three have made the commitment to continue their mission in Iraq. In addition, Erik Gustafson, EPIC’s director and also a veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, delivers the first Iraq Matters commentary on EPIC’s recommendations for the Obama administration’s relationship moving forward with Iraq.


For this podcast we released the main interview on Veteran’s Day via a Google Hangout.

David Slater is a former summer intern with EPIC and is currently working with the IRC helping to resettle Iraqi refugees in the US. He is also working towards finishing his undergraduate degree at UC Davis. David deployed to Iraq in 2008 and 2011, his deployments brought him to the cities of Fallujah and Basra.

Christopher Sullivan is a current fall intern with EPIC and is currently working on finishing a graduate certificate in international non-profit management from James Madison University. Chris deployed to Iraq in 2004-05 and again in 2007. He served both  tours in the city of Ar Ramadi.

Lynne Schneider is currently working with the Iraqi Children Foundation. She served in Iraq in 2004-05, 07 and 2010. Her first tour she was a civil affair’s officer, on her second tour she served as a planner for the 2007 US troop surge and her final tour Lynne served as a DOD senior civilian economic adviser to the commanding general in Basra.

As you listen to these veterans discuss their experiences and hopes for Iraq’s future, please take a moment to sign and share the petition at iraqmatters.org. The petition’s goal is to urge the Obama Administration to develop a long-term strategy for Iraq and help build a more peaceful future for all Iraqis. Currently, the petition has the support of 7,481 people who believe Iraq matters, but we need your help, add your voice to the growing number of supporters at iraqmatters.org.

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Time Index:

EPIC’s first Commentary: 2:36

Interview with Iraq War veterans: 17:14


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