Overwhelming Need

Food Preparation Caption

“We need to maintain the flow of water and food. Basics only, inexpensive but continuous and lifesaving.” – Hala al-Saraf, Director of our Soccer Salam partner, the Iraq Health Access Organization

Iraqi Security Forces and their allies are quickly making gains in their efforts to clear the city of Mosul of ISIS militants. Unfortunately, as they do so, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are being forced from their homes. The UN and humanitarian agencies are simply unable to accommodate the vast waves of displaced people who are seeking areas of safety.

77,000 people have fled from Sharqat and Qayyarah, south of Mosul, since June. These individuals are traveling long distances, sometimes as much as 200 kilometers, without access to clean water, food, or medicine. The UNHCR has confirmed that many people are left stranded for days waiting to cross security checkpoints and military frontlines.

To meet the needs of these families as they search for safety, Soccer Salam recently delievered food aid to 1000 families in one of the most dangerous areas of conflict outside of Sharqat. The UN and other aid agencies are not constantly present in this area, as it is simply too risky. The meals we provided will give families strength to continue their journey.

Your support is needed now more than ever as we seek to provide more of these families with relief in the form of nourishment and medical care. We have also been asked by our friends at the Iraq Health Access Organization to help finance the repair of a mobile clinic that is urgently needed for migrating families.

Please give what you can, knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to support families displaced by violence.

On behalf of our partners and the families who need us – thank you for investing in a safer, brighter future for the children of Iraq.


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