Looking Back on 2016

For 18 years, EPIC has brought together veterans, Iraqi Americans, and other caring individuals to help children and families who are suffering in Iraq and to create a safer world through peace and development. You are a vital part of that mission and the EPIC community.

Right now you can double your impactmake a year-end gift and it will be MATCHED up to $80,000 to send 2x the help to children and families in need across Iraq.

Here are highlights of what your support made possible in 2016. This year, EPIC:

Delivered emergency food aid to 20,000 displaced children and families fleeing fighting in Sharqat and other areas south of Mosul;

Raised awareness about the humanitarian needs in and beyond Mosul, the public health impact of the fires in Qayyarah, the importance of peace and reconciliation, and other topics – including published commentary in The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, and other outlets;

• Produced five episodes of our IRAQ MATTERS Podcast with discussions on Iraqi literature and culture, the role of civil society, and the ongoing crisis in Iraq;

• Closely monitored and reported on key developments in Iraq through our weekly Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor;

Advocated for a stronger humanitarian response to the crisis in Iraq; and

Provided medicine and other resources for a new clinic serving 1,300 displaced families in Tikrit, including families recently displaced from Mosul.

Iraq’s rich history lives on through the extraordinary civil society leaders and young people we meet through our work. They give us hope for the future and motivate our work each and every day. Thank you for being a part of this community and for your continued support.

From all of us here at EPIC, we wish you safe and happy holiday season.


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