Looking Ahead to 2017

Now is a time of ongoing crisis and concern for families in Mosul and throughout Iraq. Millions of innocent civilians have been forced to flee violence and persecution at the hands of ISIS. At a time when displacement is at an all-time high, consistent U.S. leadership in responding to humanitarian needs has never been more important.

With your help, we are ready to educate the next administration and Congress about the importance of continued U.S. leadership in assisting with security and providing comfort. In 2017, we will:

• Join together with colleagues here in Washington, DC to demand more attention and resources for humanitarian needs and for peace and development;

• Publish our content and op-eds in a variety of public forums to communicate the value of the Iraqi people and need to end the ongoing crisis;

• Tell the real story of Iraq through interviews, our podcast, photo essays, and more to drive home the fact that Iraq is a country and a people – not a war;

• Continue to monitor the humanitarian, security, and political landscape to keep academics, journalists, policymakers, and you informed; and – most importantly

Recommit ourselves to delivering food, water, medicine, and other much-needed resources to displaced families in Iraq as often as we can.

Your generosity and compassion have already changed the lives of so many; we greatly need your continued contributions to further our life-saving mission in the new year.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us as we work toward a more peaceful world.


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