Looking Ahead to 2018

The progress of peace over the past year in Iraq marks a most significant turning point toward hope and opportunity. In the coming year, we must join together and continue to support Iraq’s next steps toward lasting security and prosperity so that peace can endure for generations to come.

We recently shared the story of the young people in the photo above, who we met this past summer during a trip to Mosul shortly after ISIS was driven from the city. They created a brief skit that tells the story of their ordeal – and their dedication to what comes next.

EPIC is committed to supporting these bright young minds and their fellow civil society leaders as they transform their creativity and optimism into a peaceful future. In 2018, with your help, EPIC will:

  • Join together with colleagues here in Washington, DC to demand more attention and resources for Iraq’s peace and development;
  • Publish our content and op-eds in a variety of public forums to communicate the value of the Iraqi people and need to end the ongoing crisis;
  • Tell the real story of Iraq through interviews, our podcast, photo essays, and more to drive home the fact that Iraq is a country and a people – not a war;
  • Continue to monitor the humanitarian, security, and political landscape to keep academics, journalists, policymakers, and you informed; and – most importantly
  • Recommit ourselves to Iraq’s long-term development by supporting the civil society organizations who are providing so much for their fellow citizens.

We ask that you give whatever you can as the year comes to a close, knowing that your donation to EPIC will impact families in need, and support the opportunity for peace in 2018 and beyond.


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