New EPIC Intern: Seeking Solutions

Ruwani in Beirut

My name is Ruwani Dharmakirthi and I am a new intern at EPIC. I am a graduate student at Florida State University, working on my M.A. in International Affairs and graduate certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. During my graduate career I have focused on International development and the Middle East.

My interest in the Middle East sparked when I participated in study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. At Koç University I took a class on Middle East Politics, where we discussed the current political situations in the region and the complicated events which have led to their present state. We were exposed to many intellectuals who led discussion on the region and spoke about the war in Syria. I traveled extensively through Turkey and Lebanon, where I fell in love with the people and culture of the Middle East, which influenced me to further explore this area in my studies.

During my time at EPIC I hope to learn a lot about Iraq, advocacy work, non – profits and social development programs which target the youth of Iraq. I feel my time at EPIC will be an informative yet adventurous learning opportunity for me to gain further knowledge on the region while working on something that I truly care about.

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