Fall 2022 Fundraiser

20k fundraiser

support iraq's next gen change-makers.

EPIC works with Iraqi activists on the front lines of social and political change. We can mentor a new amazing group of activists if we reach our goal of $20k by NOV. 10.*



by 11:59 pm on NOV. 10*

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*  We have extended the deadline to give the greatest number of supporters an opportunity to donate.

We support leaders like Tali, who created the first-ever crosswalk in Sinjar. She used EPIC’s digital media training to catch the eye of the community and local officials, opening the door to disability awareness in her home town. 

this is epic:

we are laser-focused on 3 goals:

We are helping Iraqis strengthen skills in communication and change strategy to rebuild trust in their communities.

Peace & recovery

We are conducting research to give citizens a foundation of evidence to push for change.

Governance & Human Rights

We are supporting Iraqis tackling the human costs of climate change like displacement, unemployment and disease.

Climate action & conservation

Happening now:

Watch our civic empowerment training for young activists in ninewa

Iraq is changing quickly and we have been adapting our programs along with it. A new generation has come of age; They are smart and determined to make real change.

Our recent trainings (like local advocacy and communications) and ground-level research (like our climate briefing and major Tishreen report) are equipping these activists with knowledge and data they need.

We’re raising money because we want to double down on this investment by adding a new group of activists next spring. We have the tools in place and staff ready to go. We just need your help to fund it. 

Please join us in supporting the next generation of Iraqi-changemakers. Help us reach 20K by NOV. 10. 


Help further our research and programming to enable peace, rights and climate action in Iraq.