EPIC Welcomes its Summer Interns!

A dramatic change has taken place, all over the District of Columbia. The temperature has risen, flowers are in full bloom, everywhere I look I see people in shorts and sandals. One other thing, the District has been flooded with summer interns.  Bringing with them their bright minds, unbridled enthusiasm, and willingness to work, they’ve given a more rapid pace to the pulse of the city. And EPIC is no exception!

This year we are pleased to welcome two very talented individuals to our team.

Anne Betz, joins us from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where she is a senior majoring in International Relations and Political Science with a minor in Spanish.






Brent Caswell is a senior from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, where he is also a senior, majoring in International Studies and Political Science, with a developing minor in Arabic.





This summer they will be playing an important role for EPIC, helping us leap forward into the next year! As we take on the challenges of our next on the ground projects, Anne and Brent will be there to help us. Already they show a lot of promise, and I hope you think so too, when you read their first blog on their thought and feelings towards Iraq, to be posted on Monday!

EPIC will continue to work hard to make the dream of a more peaceful and prosperous Iraq into a reality. It’s nice to know that bright, motivated young people, like Brent and Anne, want to help us achieve that goal!

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