Three times per year, EPIC welcomes a new cohort of interns – young professionals seeking to add practical experience to their academic backgrounds in humanitarian affairs, international relations, security studies, political science, public relations, and beyond. We are grateful for their contributions to our research, action, and advocacy, and for the opportunity to connect them to Iraq and its people. Please join us in welcoming our Fall 2020 interns: Brian and Christopher!

 Christopher (left) and Brian (right)

Brian Carter is a senior studying Politics and International Affairs with Arabic and Middle East studies minors at Wake Forest University. He became interested in MENA in 2015 through the study of counterinsurgency and insurgency. Brian studied in Fez, Morocco in Summer 2019 as part of a homestay program through the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF). Prior to joining EPIC, Brian interned at the Institute for the Study of War as part of the Iraq Team where he focused primarily on Iraqi politics. At EPIC, Brian hopes to improve his cultural understanding of Iraq while improving the American understanding of Iraq to better inform future policy.

Christopher Muth is a junior studying International Affairs and the Arabic Language at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Originally from the Chicago area, his interests in the broader field of Middle East studies include the region’s politics, security, and religious governance. Prior to joining EPIC, he worked on Iraqi and regional affairs at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), as well as on several longer-term research projects, both region-focused and otherwise. He hopes to continue to develop his Arabic skills as he studies both the region and Iraq in pursuit of a future career in academia and research. While at EPIC, Christopher hopes to further his understanding of the people and politics of the country he has chosen to study intently.

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