From left to right Laura Clancy, Alisha Parikh, and Jennie Matuschak

Three times per year, EPIC welcomes a new cohort of interns – young professionals seeking to add practical experience to their academic backgrounds in humanitarian affairs, international relations, security studies, political science, public relations, and beyond. We are grateful for their contributions to our research, action, and advocacy, and for the opportunity to connect them to Iraq and its people. Please join us in welcoming our Fall 2019 interns: Laura, Jennie, and Alisha!

Laura Clancy is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Justice Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She is a member of the University Honors Program as well as the Alpha Phi Sigma honors society. She has studied Arabic for two years with the intention of becoming fluent. Laura is especially passionate about social justice causes, both foreign and domestic. Her desire to advocate for peace sparked her interest in Iraq’s current affairs and she is excited to learn more from her time at EPIC.

Jennie Matuschak grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She graduated from Bucknell University this past May with a bachelor’s degree in Non-Western History with a concentration in Arab Studies and minors in Arabic and Dance. After her sophomore year, Jennie interned with Congressman Seth Moulton’s office in Washington, DC. During the spring semester of her junior year, Jennie studied in Amman, Jordan to advance her Arabic skills and knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and politics. The following summer, Jennie interned with the Middle East Policy Council in Washington, DC. To round out her senior year, Jennie wrote an honors thesis in history that analyzed the Ba’ath regime’s Shi’a-targeted propaganda during the Iran-Iraq War. Jennie is excited to be interning with EPIC this fall, and looks forward to continuing her research on Iraq and better understanding the most feasible and effective way to achieve positive change in Iraq.

Alisha Parikh is a communications intern at EPIC. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a minor in Political Science from Emerson College in December 2019. Alisha is excited to use her journalism skills to enhance EPIC’s advocacy efforts. Previously she interned at Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain in Washington D.C., where she advocated for an end to arbitrary detention and human rights atrocities against peaceful protesters. At EPIC, Alisha hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing turmoil in Iraq and learn effective methods for motivating long-lasting, positive change.

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