Challenges (and Opportunities) Ahead

Thank you for being an important part of the EPIC community. Just last week, many of you joined us on #GivingTuesday as we raised funds to advance our mission and help children and families who are suffering in Iraq.

This comes at a time of ongoing crisis and concern for families in Mosul and throughout Iraq.

Thanks to caring individuals like you, we are responding. Right now, we are in Iraq helping vulnerable children and families in need, and here at home, we are educating policymakers and the public about immediate challenges and long-term opportunities for peace.

Here are some highlights since our last update:

  • the provision of medicine and other necessities to a clinic in Tikrit established by our Soccer Salam partner serving 1,300 displaced families including families from Mosul,
  • publication of photo essay on the health and environmental impacts of oil and chemical fires set by ISIS in Qayyarah,
  • a co-authored piece in Foreign Policy on the undesirable effect certain militias may have in Tal Afar,
  • insights on how reconciliation must include a plan to address the psychological trauma left by decades of conflict in order to break the cycle of violence,
  • a podcast with Daryl Grisgraber of Refugees International on the needs of displaced families throughout Iraq (in addition to those fleeing from Mosul),
  • an analysis of the economic crisis facing Iraqi Kurdistanbeing exacerbated by political rivalry, and
  • our weekly ISHM reports released every Thursday, monitoring the latest security, humanitarian, and political developments in Iraq.

Thank you for taking advantage of our content and contributing your support for on-the-ground relief. I hope you will consider making a year-end charitable gift to EPIC today.


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