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Four US Charities Team Up to Deliver Emergency Winter Supplies, Soccer Balls to Iraqi Children and Families Fleeing ISIS

December 10, 2014 – Washington, DC – A coalition of four US-based charities founded by veterans of Desert Storm and the Iraq War are mobilizing emergency winter aid for Iraqi families fleeing ISIS and delivering soccer balls to Iraqi children who deserve a chance to play. “Soccer Salam” kicked off… Read more

NGO Letter to Kerry

35 NGOs and Faith Institutions Join EPIC to Call for Stronger U.S. Humanitarian Engagement in Iraq For Immediate Release Contact: Erik Gustafson, 202-604-7413 August 1, 2014 (Washington, DC) – This week 35 nationally respected organizations and mainline faith institutions joined EPIC to call for a robust U.S. response to the… Read more

A Tale of Two Cities: Events in DC to Mark the Fall of Baghdad

Today, April 9, marks the 10th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad after the US invasion. Within the last decade, the international affairs community has dissected, discussed, and discerned lessons from the War in Iraq. With the anniversary of the early days of the war upon us, Washington is abuzz… Read more

From Iowa to Iraq: Establishing Partnerships to Promote Peace

“Ranting might clear my system, but it’s just the same rant to different audiences. We all know what the problems are. We need to actually be productive.” So said Rick Burns, President of the Karadah Project international (KPI), EPIC’s newest partner organization, regarding the KPI’s latest project: the Iraq-Afghanistan Conference.… Read more

Iraq Still Matters, Part Three: President Obama’s Case for International Youth Empowerment

Last week, President Obama visited Israel for the first time. While there he spoke of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then flew to Jordan and discussed the Syrian crisis. Iraq was not mentioned. It was not discussed with local leaders, nor spoken of in any public forum. A country that the U.S.… Read more

O Victorious Baghdad: Shooting Goals for Youth Empowerment

As Americans prepare for tonight’s World Cup qualifying match against Costa Rica, it seems pertinent to reflect on the progress that’s been made with Iraq’s soccer team over the past decade. Having been subjected to countless inspections from FIFA’s governing board, barred from matches due to Uday Hussein’s abusive treatment… Read more

SIGIR 2013: Military Might and Civilian Oversight

In October 2004, Congress created an independent government agency to oversee the use of $52 billion in U.S. aid dedicated to reconstruction in Iraq. This agency became known as the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) and has provided objective oversight through reports, audits, and inspections. Most notably, each… Read more