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Reassessing the Global Refugee Crisis

“Conflict is natural. The issue is how well we manage conflict and attempt to not allow it progress to violence.” – President of USIP, Nancy Lindborg In a globalized world, it is nearly impossible to be completely insulated. There are faster planes, faster trains, and faster bandwidth. However, what has… Read more

The Power of Empathy and Advocacy

“I have long said that Americans are the most generous people in the world. But we do have the shortest attention spans. And when it comes to global crises today, I fear that too many in the United States believe that we can insulate ourselves from the world’s problems and… Read more

TentEd Supports 200 Urban Displaced Syrian Students in Erbil

** UPDATE: The TentEd Project Update reviews the impact TentEd had in Erbil and the Domiz Refugee Camp in five weeks. ** Greetings from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq! No doubt you’ve heard reports of the lightening-pace developments that are tearing the region, especially Iraq, at the seams. Despite this… Read more

YES Academy and the Importance of Arts Education

With approximately 56% of the Iraqi population comprised of people age 24 and younger, arts education is something that needs to become increasingly important throughout Iraq. Arts education has been proven to foster innovation, problem solving and critical thinking abilities, and team-building skills, all of which are critical as Iraqi… Read more

Poetry and Headaches

Last week, the surprising message “Pre-orders for Saif Alsaegh’s book Iraqi Headaches are live!” popped up on my Facebook news feed. A former student of mine is publishing a book? And how quickly can I brag about this to my friends and family? Saif studied academic essay writing with me… Read more

#STARTARYOT for Photovoice: Iraq

EPIC is committed to implementing programs that mitigate the challenges that many young Iraqis face like poor education, unemployment, ongoing violence, and displacement. Last year EPIC successfully raised over $29,500 through crowd-funding to pilot a Photovoice program in the city of Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, scheduled to begin this… Read more


Two years ago, I had a science teacher who maintained that the Middle East was a lost cause, believing it was in a perpetual state of war since the moment it was settled. Along with illustrating that having a science degree does not make you qualified to talk about history,… Read more

Iraqi Orphans, Part Two: A Center of Healing in Baghdad

As has been highlighted several times, we at EPIC have a great relationship with the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation, another non-profit based here in the Washington area. Last fall, we interviewed SCIF volunteer Cindy Fogleman about her organization’s work in Iraq, as well as highlighted their future goals in… Read more