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Colorado 5th Grader and Classmates Rally Support for Soccer Salam

  Earlier this year, EPIC received an email from Jacquelyn Thomas of Lakewood, Colorado. Jacquelyn is the mother of an extraordinary girl named Vanicia (who’s now 11 years old). Her mom wrote: “My daughter [is] raising funds for kids in Iraq. We would like to donate the money raised to… Read more

Five Years after ISIS: The Yazidis’ Quest for Justice and Recovery

Interview with Ido Babasheikh, Former Member of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Parliament and former adviser to the president of Iraq. This is the second of a series of interviews we had with representatives of various minority communities in Ninewa that will be published in the following weeks. In July,… Read more

Iraq Moves to Establish Special Courts for Stigmatized Iraqi Families

Last week, Wehda al-Jumaili, a member of the Human Rights Committee in the Iraqi parliament reported that Iraq is establishing courts to issue birth certificates and identification cards to Iraqi children who were born under ISIS rule. This remarkable and laudable decision, once implemented, will affect the lives of tens… Read more

The Power of Empathy and Advocacy

“I have long said that Americans are the most generous people in the world. But we do have the shortest attention spans. And when it comes to global crises today, I fear that too many in the United States believe that we can insulate ourselves from the world’s problems and… Read more

How Elissa met Dalal

With recent events in Iraq, it is easy to forget the positives that have been going on there. Thus, today I would like to focus on a story about a life taken and a life returned. When the world’s attention focuses on stories of political violence and conflict — like… Read more

Iraqi Orphans, Part Two: A Center of Healing in Baghdad

As has been highlighted several times, we at EPIC have a great relationship with the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation, another non-profit based here in the Washington area. Last fall, we interviewed SCIF volunteer Cindy Fogleman about her organization’s work in Iraq, as well as highlighted their future goals in… Read more

Iraqi Orphans, Part One: 800,000 Forgotten Children

“I feel blessed waking up every day knowing that my parents are still alive,” – EPIC intern Farah Rasool, who lived in the heart of Baghdad with her family until late 2006. Imagine waking up one day and finding yourself without a family. As adults living in the United States… Read more

“In Their Shoes”: Running for Iraqi Orphans

On May 4th, EPIC’s partner organization, the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation, held its very first 5-kilometer run, in Fairfax, Virginia, entitled “In Their Shoes.” The run raised an incredible amount of money – over $30,000 – for orphans and street kids in Iraq. The 160+ participants included Iraqi-Americans, the former… Read more