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Fallujah Occupation Timeline, 2015-2016

This timeline contains chronological reports of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) occupation of Fallujah, with a focus on humanitarian concerns, food insecurity, and civilian resistance to occupying ISIS forces. While the majority of these reports come from our weekly Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor publication, several supplementary… Read more

ISIS’s Chemical Weapons Attack on Civilians in Iraq: an Eyewitness Report on the Aftermath

Within days of the 28th anniversary of the chemical weapons attack on the residents of Halabja in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region – which a 1991 Human Rights Watch investigation called “the single largest chemical weapons attack against a civilian population in the world” – we are monitoring reports of chemical weapons… Read more

SPECIAL REPORT: Out in the Cold

By Cathy Otten, photography Jacob Russell [wppa type=”cover” album=”2″][/wppa] ERBIL, SULAYMANIYAH, December 3, 2013: When the rains started at the beginning of November, creating streams of mud, Amoud Mohamed found herself fighting to keep her tent dry. “During the rain the tent was moving, at night we couldn’t sleep because… Read more

My World 2015: Why the UN’s Development Goals are Important for Iraq

With the timeframe for the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals set to come to a close in 2015, the UN and its partners have launched a global survey called MY World 2015 where people can vote on the next development goals they think the UN should focus on next. While… Read more