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For USAID chief, the FY2014 budget is a matter of life and death

This week Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is on Capitol Hill to deliver testimony on the international development priorities of President Barack Obama’s proposed FY2014 budget. The total amount that his agency, USAID, and the US State Department and Millennium Challenge Corporation… Read more

Put Iraq Back on the Agenda Because Iraqi Education Matters

Education is a vital foundation for advancement and progress in society. Without it, citizens remain uninformed and obscured from the tools and knowledge required to promote positive social and political change. Therefore, this week, our campaign to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda focuses on the weak education system in… Read more

“Salaam Dunk”: Empowering Women in Iraq through Sport

It’s that time of year again: March Madness! Brackets are filled out, bets are placed, and young men across the country are feeling the pressure to perform on college basketball’s biggest stage. With the sport’s popularity in the United States, a growing interest has developed around the globe. In Iraq,… Read more

Operation Iraqi Freedom 10 Years Later: Where’s the Freedom?

Today marks the ten-year anniversary since the United States launched Operation Iraqi Freedom with the intent to remove Saddam Hussein from power, institute democracy in Iraq, and restore stability in the region. As the world looks back on this historical marker, Iraqis look forward, and strive to guarantee a brighter… Read more

Shamrock Iraq: Drinking Culture Past and Present

This Sunday is one of Ireland’s (and easily the United States’) most celebrated holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, which has garnered a large drinking culture over the years. Because beer is so cherished and heavily consumed on that day, I decided to research the origin of the popular beverage and, interestingly… Read more

White Smoke Billowing: The Striking Parallels Between Catholicism and Shi’ism

Yesterday, much of the world waited in anticipation wondering when the black smoke rising high above the Vatican would finally turn to white. In light of the buzz surrounding the selection of the new Catholic Pope, I thought it would be interesting to highlight the striking similarities between Catholicism and… Read more

Iraq Still Matters, Part One: The Need for this Series, and this Petition

A few weeks ago a fellow intern, Chelsey, joined me on the streets of Washington to ask the public about their general knowledge of Iraq. One question that we asked was, “Which country do you think is more violent, Iraq or Afghanistan?” Every single response was Afghanistan. We then told… Read more