Bring Hope to Traumatized Families in Iraq


We have seen it firsthand in Mosul and among displaced families who have fled to safer areas. The human costs of ISIS’s atrocities and the war have been devastating for families and their children.

EPIC’s Board of Directors and I invite you to join us on CrowdRise today as we respond to support mental health care for traumatized families in Iraq.

Support our campaign on CrowdRise.

Throughout the crisis, EPIC stood with the people of Iraq during their time of need. Supporters like you helped us deliver humanitarian assistance to more than 60,000 Iraqis fleeing ISIS or caught in areas surrounded by ISIS. When Iraqi forces closed in on ISIS militants within Mosul’s Old City in 2017, you helped us restore the provision of emergency medicine at the only healthcare center serving the city’s devastated western half. Together, our efforts helped save lives.

Today the needs are no less urgent even if the wounds are less visible as families struggle to move beyond the ISIS nightmare and recover from years of terrible violence. Among those most affected are children.

Right now, we have the right team of psychologists, we have the right partners in the field, and we have the right relationships with Iraqi health officials to make this happen. Now we need your help to bring it all together!

Learn more at: https://crowdrise.com/mental-health-iraq

We need you to be a part of the next chapter in our story as we rally support for the mental health care needs of families and children in Iraq.

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